A global tech leader Eurpean website

A big success. Research and Design of the new and improved B2B web platform for one of the most important players in the tech market. Almost 30 languages, 300,000 pages to migrate and cater for.

A user-centred, mobile friendly multilingual platform.

This project focus was to design and develop a modern, customer-centric, mobile-first environment that would provide the ability to share content across the European regional area for one of the most succesful tech companies in the world. We installed a scalable architecture, offering a delightful experience to the front-end user, while easing the work burden of the CMS administrators.

Research and discovery.

We started with a thorough analysis of the existing website, to identify the core structure, as well as obvious pain points to tackle. We evaluated the look and feel, content and information ambiguity, as well as steps needed to achieve the user needs set by the client. We met stakeholders in a series of discovery workshops, where we set up a activities to capture user and business goals.

We defined and outlined business goals, website user needs, CMS content manager’s needs, and general expectation.

Working as a united team with the client.

The workshops were fundamental for us to distil information we could later translate into personas, since we didn’t have access to real users in this phase. Working in close partnership with the client was key for us to gather meaningful and actionable data. In the meantime, we carried out an extensive competitor analysis. The client pointed out the main competitors they wanted us to research, and we agreed on a set of core criteria to analyse.


Design, test wth users, reiterate.