Putting the human element into Defense Systems

Design concept for the new marketing website of a major international Defense System company. A new set of challenges for a delicate market, in need of focusing on the human element.

My role

UX Designer

The challenge

A complex market. Delivering a precise, clean, human and positive UI concept.

The objectives

Enhancing the website experience to improve the client's strength in the recruitment area, as well as an elevation of the messaging, with consequent raise in brand trust and recignition.

Re-building the brand from the ground up.

This project was an interesting challenge for me, being the client in need of a human spin on a type of business that can easily come across as cold, impersonal and even negative at times. One of the main objectives was to make the business more appealing for recruitment.

The first task was to come up with a very solid inspirational base. I have spent a good number of hours researching assets, both digital and physical, to gather on a set of mood boards conveying the ideas of innovation, positive technology, human element, trust and excitement.

A good use of technology.

I wanted to find the sweetspot between serious, precise, accurate, and positive, exciting and responsible. It wasn’t an easy task, but the mood outlined on these boards worked very well as inspiration when I moved on to UI.

Calibrating the visuals.

An essential step of the research phase was to find the right lens to apply to the visuals – images and videos alike – building what is a cornerstone of a brand.

It was interesting and insightful to wonder about and discover how Defence, as well as Engineering and Research, all need almost desperately to focus on the human element to be relatable, trustworthy and to create a proper connection with the user.

The importance of the tone of voice.

In this specific case, being able to convey the right message in the right way was key. A lot of work on tone of voice and content needed to be done, so that the user could be presented with the most inspiring, exciting, motivating and aspirational message the company could offer.


The concept was extremely well received by the client, although the project didn’t land for technical and structural reasons.