Various page prototypes

A mix of three different pages I worked on in the past few months, offering a few examples of different prototypes. These are mostly related to concepts, but one of them is a page template for a PPC campaign page that was developed.

My role

UX Designer

The challenge

A set of challenges showcased in three different projects.

The objectives

Visual precision, enhanced engagement, brand focus, optimised conversion.

The challenge of sustainability in a new website.

An interesting project that involved strategy, research and design of a new website for business trying to put a positive spin on sustainable finance.

A content platform for a leader in the travel industry.

A clean and fun concept that marks the beginning of a potentially gargantuan project.

An engaging template for PPC campaign pages.

An immersive experiece on a landing page, aimed at enhancing the performance of  a PPC campaign with great potential. The result has so far been a staggering 60% increase in number of engagements and an amazing 115% increase in conversion rate.