Designing the interface of a VHF radio for a UK company. An exciting project, with plenty of challenges for a leader in the marine technology market.

A marine radio digital interface.

This project started with a particular set of challenges, starting essentially a re-skin task. The work that had been done before didn’t quite meet the client’s expectations and my contribution was aimed to take the UI to a high-end, elegant, exciting, clear and functional place.
From there, the project evolved into a more comprehensive and in-depth design of the whole GUI, expanding into a multi-team collaboration to bring together hardware, software and app.

Setting the mood.

For this project, finding the right direction was vital, before being able to tackle the interface itself. The client had a good idea of what they wanted to achieve and where to set reference points.
Mood boards were the first step here, looking at competitors, as well as finding inspiration in other industries, where the ‘look & feel’ is more in line with the client’s idea.

Organising the style.

Documenting thoroughly and in a clear way the styling choices of an interface is one of the most important steps to achieve a consistent, meaningful and lasting design.
The client was eager to learn every detail of the reasoning behind the styling, having left me fairly free to explore solutions in the first place.
For this project it was clear that starting from a dark theme would have been beneficial, adding the relative light theme on a later phase, once the design foundation was going to be set in stone.

Building an inclusive and accessible UI from the ground up.

James Bond would love using this!