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Empathy, problem-solving, teamplay.

I am a seasoned designer based in Oxfordshire with over 15 years of experience in Digital Design, including User Experience and User Interface Design. I enjoy strategising and solving problems, as well as championing great user experiences and mentoring others. Making a real impact on people’s lives, while helping businesses creating deep connections with their audiences, is what excites and energises me. As a big believer in digital equality, I very much value inclusivity and accessibility.

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Featured projects

A new web platform for Panasonic Connect Europe

A big success. Research and design of the new and improved B2B web platform for one of the most important players in the tech market. A titanic cross-team effort with almost 30 languages and 300,000 pages to migrate and cater for.


Crafting the interface of a cutting-edge VHF/AIS radio device for a renowned British company, leader in the marine technology sector. A thrilling venture, presenting a plethora of challenges and offering a large learning curve, including a thorough analysis of marine emergency scenarios.

Various page prototypes

A mix of three different pages I worked on in the past few months, offering a few examples of different prototypes. These are mostly related to concepts, but one of them is a template for a PPC campaign page that was developed.

Awards & Nominations

Best UX Design

CSS Design Awards

Best Innovation

CSS Design Awards

Best UI Design

CSS Design Awards

Digital Industries: UX - Finalist

The Drum Awards

B2B: Website - Finalist

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2023 Nominee


My tools

As a seasoned designer, I bring a wealth of experience in crafting seamless digital experiences for international clients, including creative software giants, construction software leaders, and tech global leaders. My go-to toolkit includes some of the most used pieces of software in the industry, although I am always open to the use of different and new tools and technology, when that’s appropriate.

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